Cardiff and Vale Health Board


Our Orchard, University Hospital Llandough.

Our Orchard is an ongoing project based at University Hospital Llandough to bring to life a community orchard in the fields surrounding the hospital.

Cardiff and Vale Health Board is working hard to establish and develop an area where patients, staff, visitors and different community groups including schools, can come and use the site to learn, develop and enjoy the outdoors without leaving the hospital boundaries.

My part within this project was to design and fabricate a 6ft tree that would be placed at the entrance to the HeARTh Gallery at University Hospital Llandough to promote the project but to also be used as a fundraising target.

I used a fabrication centre called FabLab in Llandaff, Cardiff to CNC the tree and lasercut the leaves and insects and then I painted everything by hand and put it all together in my studio. The tree has removable apples and each apple represents a certain amount of money, and so once the target amount of money has been raised for the Our Orchard project, the tree should be blossoming with 12 apples in total. I am very happy to say that the money raised has acceded expectations and I could have easily made double the amount of apples!

Including the apples, I added insects such as butterflies, bees and dragonflies to add life and promote the wonderful wildlife that the orchard could attract.

The project will take some time to develop and complete but I am very grateful to have been part of it so far and look forward to seeing it grow into a wonderful and beneficial scheme for the community.

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