Breaking out of the Gallery

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

The exhibition Breaking out of the Gallery is an annual summer exhibition where artists of all ages, disciplines and artistic experience are encouraged to create work for exterior display.

This exhibition back in my home county of Pembrokeshire is a great initiative by a friend of mine whom I studies my foundation degree with at Pembrokeshire College. Now in its second year, I have had the pleasure to make work for this exhibition in both 2016 and 2017 and already it is proving very popular with the locals of Pembrokeshire.

Taking work out of the gallery setting is a great way for more artists to be recognised, especially in the summer when tourism is at its peak. However this was an advantage whilst trying to make Haverfordwest a more visually attractive and colourful place. Not only has it achieved this but also it has bought a sense of community and showcased skills of many talented people across Pembrokeshire.

Even though I specialise in Printmaking and on a small scale, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone this year and created a large-scale triptych through screen-printing on wood. I then waterproofed it with varnish so that it would be able to be put out in the town for public display.

I hope that this exhibition will continue for many years to come and be one of those annual events that the county as a whole can look forward too.