Book Binding Series


Bespoke handmade book collection for Beauty, Health & Well Being Company, Oxford.

A company in Oxford specialising in beauty, health and well being commissioned me to hand make, through bookbinding, 20 identical notebooks that would be used for clients to track record and progress on their course.

Each book was bound in a bright orange binding cloth and had the slogan, Focus Action Belief, which derived from the acronym Team FAB (the team name), embossed on the front with letterpress.

On the first page of the book, I screen-printed a motivating quote from Dr. Seuss that said:

“And will you succeed?

YES! You will indeed!

Ninety – eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!”

(I love this quote!)

On the back of each book, I also letterpress embossed the initials of the clients that will be using the books, making the books unique to each person.